The Tattooed Gardener

Paul Gelately

At the Schomberg Community Hall

"The Tattooed Gardener" Paul Gelately presents for the Schomberg Horticultural Society on May 30th at 7:30. Members are free, guests $ 5.00 at the door.

Most People think of zoos in terms of the rare, and interesting animals they encounter; and they are that but they are so much more! Zoos are centres for conservation excellence to connect around them. Paul will walk through his role as Curatorial Gardener for one of Canada’s largest tropical plant collections. You will get a glimpse into the world of zoological horticulture, from browse to furniture, enrichment to exhibit design to one-of-a-kind plant collections, and dynamic public garden displays.

We are going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo

With over 30 years in the Horticulture Industry, The Tattooed Gardener is inspiring people from every generation, and sharing his love and passion for all things plants. He is currently the Vice-President for the Etobicoke Horticultural Society, has experience as the Director of Horticulture at the Toronto Botanical Garden, and is Curatorial Gardener at the Toronto Zoo; Paul has industry experience in every corner of the industry. From Hybridizing to Garden Design. He has a passion for rare and unusual plants. Join him as he walks down the winding road of Horticulture. With all that in mind…..Lets Grow.