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Welcome to this historic feed mill...transformed into a restaurant and music house.

Opening as a working feed mill in 1884, connected by rail network to the rest of Canada, The Schomberg Feed Mill was the Main Street supply store servicing farmers in the surrounding countryside.   The Old Schomberg Feed Mill originally operated until 1927 when the lower cost of trucking straight to market became more advantageous.   It is now home to The Scruffy Duck tap, grill and music house.

Get ready for some good food and good times!

Featuring karaoke Fridays and live band Saturdays, there is always something happening at The Scruffy Duck.  With daily specials, and a 10% off your dinner coupon on their website, you are bound to find something delicious.  Duck favourites include pan seared perogies, chicken fingers, wings and legendary fajitas.  But, most importantly, the folks at The Scruffy Duck are

Obsessed with burgers.

Good luck deciding between which of the 5 amazing burgers for your meal.  All of them the biggest, juiciest most delicious burgers around.   And then there's Wicked Burger Wednesdays......

A Family Owned and Operated Establishment

Meet Norma, Janet and Paul Hill, the family that owns and operates The Scruffy Duck.  On karaoke night you will find paul operating the sound system, and you are just as likely to have janet serve you at your table, if she isn't busy behind the bar or helping out the chef.

This is a family that takes pride in their down to earth restaurant where everyone and anyone can feel instantly at home.

Get ready for a treat!


Blow Your Head Off, Hot, Medium, South Western BBQ, Honey Garlic,Wet Jerk, Dry Jerk, Dry Cajun, Dry Dill, Buck Naked, Salt and Pepper, Sweet Thai Chili


Who says a roadhouse can't be classy?


Wicked...but oh so good!


For the morning after the night before....


Perfect for sharing...or keeping all to yourself.

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Scruffy Duck Logo

357 Main Street, Schomberg